About Us

Anderson Software Group, Inc. is a California corporation founded by Paul Anderson and Gail Anderson, who both have extensive experience as software professionals and instructors. They have coauthored eight books that have been used extensively throughout industry and in the classroom. Both Gail and Paul are Java Champions and members of the NetBeans Dream Team.

We provide training in software engineering to industry professionals. The corporate mission is to provide the highest quality instruction in industry-leading technology. Anderson Software Group consists of instructors and consultants who bring years of experience in a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines, including object-oriented design, Java, JavaFX, C and C++, UNIX systems and internals design and programming, and UNIX application design and programming. All instructors have written one or more courses and have years of experience teaching technical material. Anderson Software Group, Inc. has provided training for thousands of professional software developers.

Anderson Software Group, Inc. offers courses that may be attended in series or individually. While each course offers a specific technology, Anderson Software Group will customize the material to a client's requirements. In addition, the instructors can tailor the technical level of the course to fit the students' needs. Instructors can accommodate students who want more advanced exercises as well as students who require additional tutoring to master the standard material.