C# and .NET

C# and .NET

The .NET platform is a language independent development framework that helps developers build applications to take advantage of the Internet while encompassing a wide variety of computing devices. C# is an object-oriented language that offers the simplicity of Visual Basic and the flexibility of C++.

C# Programming Course

(detailed course outline)

C# Programming is a four-day course with hands-on workshops that is designed for those individuals who wish to learn how to program in C#. The course begins with an overview of object-oriented programming concepts and C# syntax with basic value types. Subsequent sections include class design for C# objects, inheritance and polymorphism, interfaces, exception handling, file I/O, threads, generic collections, and events and delegates. Students also learn how to develop Graphical User Interfaces with C# for windows applications.

C# Programming is intended for software engineers, system analysts, program managers and user support personnel who wish to learn C# in the .NET environment. Experience with a high level language is a prerequisite. Knowledge of an object-oriented language (C++, Java, SmallTalk) is suggested.