The Return of JavaFX™

JavaFX™, the rich UI design system from Sun Microsystems and then Oracle, never really went away. But JavaFX Script 1.x has been replaced by JavaFX 2.x Java APIs. As a fan of JavaFX script (and co-author of Essential JavaFX), I loved working with many of the unique features that JavaFX provided, such as easy animation, […]

iOS Memory Management: Using Autorelease

In a previous post I discussed memory management in iPhone programming. Recall that the iPhone programming environment does not support garbage collection. You must pay attention to objects you create (and therefore own) and must consequently make sure that you properly relinquish ownership. This permits objects to be deleted from memory correctly. You must also […]

iOS Memory Leaks? Program Crashes? Start Here!

So, you want to write applications for the iPhone and/or iPad? I do! And, with a background in software engineering, Java, C++ and yes, even plain old C, I thought I’d take the plunge. As I’ve learned about Apple’s software, I’ve come to appreciate its overall design, its use of patterns, and its maturity. But, […]