Advanced C: Tips and Techniques

Updated PDF, 2004.
450 pages.

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This book contains a wealth of information about how to use C effectively. Its practical examples and easy-to-understand exercises help you learn new techniques and explore related topics. In these pages you will find: a review of the C language; a "behind-the-screen" look at C's run time environment; efficiency techniques with arrays and pointers, and how to allocate storage for multidimensional arrays at run time; explanations of sequence guarantee points and the right-left rule that helps you work more confidently with C expressions; techniques for debugging C programs; a memory object allocator for garbage collection. Chapters include the following:

  • C Refresher
  • The Run Time Environment
  • An Array of Choices
  • A Closer Look at C
  • C Debugging Techniques
  • A Memory Object Allocator