Anderson Software Group at Devoxx

The Anderson Software Group, Inc. was proud to participate in Devoxx in November 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium. In our session we show how JavaFX binding makes desktop client application development easier and faster to develop. If you were not able to attend our session, you can view it in its entirety here. Enjoy!

JavaFX: Properties on Steroids

At the heart of JavaFX is its scenegraph, a structure that includes (perhaps many) nodes. The JavaFX rendering engine displays these nodes and ultimately what you see depends on the properties of these nodes. Properties are oh-so-important. They make a Circle red or a Rectangle 50 pixels wide. They determine the gradient for a background […]

JavaFX Sketch Pad: Custom Binding

Sketch pad programs are fun to build and fun to test. And writing a sketch pad program in JavaFX is no different, except that maybe it’s more fun. So, what constructs do we need to create a decent sketch pad program in JavaFX? At the minimum, we need to Detect mouse events for mouse click, […]

JavaFX Animation and Binding: Using the ProgressBar

Our previous post describes a JavaFX countdown timer. Let’s take that same program and add a progress bar control. As the timer counts down, the progress bar gradually fills in—as shown in the screenshot here. When the timer begins (at 15), the progress bar is empty (all gray) and when the timer reaches 0, the […]

JavaFX Animation and Binding: Simple Countdown Timer

JavaFX has a powerful animation feature that’s flexible and easy to use. I’m going to build a simple countdown timer that uses animation to countdown a numeric display from 15 (for example) to zero. I can imagine such a timer in some sort of response game that limits the time you have to make a […]